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By Cristina F. (19). C1 level.

This proposal is aimed at outlining how the college website could be improved given the fact that some international students have not got total access to it. It is believed that the webpage is antiquated. Therefore, the international students’ need of being informed is not being met.

At the present moment, the first thing students noticed about the webpage is that it is only in one language, this makes it difficult for international teenagers to understand the information or the tasks uploaded in the web. In addition, it was the delegate of the international students who has been complaining about lacking links in the website in order to do the homework or important procedures such as enrollment and registration for exams. What it amounts to is that international students are not feeling integrated in our university.

I am inclined to agree that it would be really helpful for students if the webpage was translated into different languages automatically depending on the settings of your computer. Needless to say that teacherS are supposed to take into account both international and national students. They must upload links and tasks in both parts of the website and not until they know how to do it, will they do it. Therefore, it is advisable to impart computer courses to them.

To sum up, if these recommendations were carried out, international students would be more participative in the university life and would make the most of their stay in our country.

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