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By Irene G. (15) B2/FCE level.

Concerts have always been very popular and entertaining for music lovers all over the world, but these days, with the help of technology, some people prefer to watch these concerts at home for different reasons. In my opinion, I think that watching concerts which are performed on a stage is better and more enjoyable than at home.

When it comes to convenience, some people say it is more comfortable to stay at home because you are more relaxed and you can pause whenever you want; however, it is more exciting to be at a concert with the public singing along and dancing. Moreover, you can see your favourite artist! That is something you can’t do when watching it at home.

Also, when we talk about atmosphere, concerts are better than staying at home because of the lighting and the emotion of being there. That’s another thing you can’t have at home. Everyone knows that being at home is more comfortable, but you can have a lot of fun at a concert with your friends.

One more thing I would like to mention is the cost. People usually don’t like concerts because of the fact that they are expensive, but not all of them are. Also, you can choose different places to sit which are a bit far away, but it’s an option when you don’t have much money. Furthermore, you can earn money by doing different things and then save it so you can afford being with your favourite artist.

In conclusion, I think concerts are more enjoyable and exciting when watching them on a stage as the public, instead of watching them on TV at your house.

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