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By Cristina F. (19).

Nowadays globalization is a fact that affects our daily lives. Not only are social networks influenced by it, but it has also influenced the ease of taking any method of transport and traveling between countries.

On the one hand, if we had asked any adult of the last century about crossing the Atlantic Ocean by plane in less than one day, he would have answered that we are crazy. The first thing anyone noticed when buying a plane ticket, is the number of options there are and the ease to complete the process. Needless to say that the fact of airplanes, trains and cars being affordable for great part of the population has launched international travel .

On the other hand, the first century is known to be the century of technology. What it amounts to is that information spreads like wildfire because of social media. If it had not been for social networks, maybe a Spanish teenager would not know so much about India.

Moreover, the fact that influencers go to India and upload their videos on Instagram, makeS teenagers HEAR things about the country straight from the horse´s mouth, this makes a great impact.

To put it briefly, both the ease of catching a plane, and its speed, as well as what we see on social networks, have made traveling the world something accessible to all.

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