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By Gabriela Aeberhard.

I’ve recently decided to watch THE GOODWIFE again, all 7 seasons. Each season has more than 20 episodes: there’s a total of 156 episodes, which according to my calculations adds up to 151 HOURS of TV viewing. So why is this show so incredibly good that I’d want to spend so many hours re-watching it?

First of all, each and every episode has a different story, because this is a show about lawyers and legal cases. That means each episode presents a situation which is then resolved. So whether you watch one episode or 5, you are not left hanging. At the same time, there are more complex stories or themes that continue over the whole season, to make you want to keep watching.

In many shows today, you get the feeling that nothing happens, that the situation has been stretched out to make it last a whole episode or even more than one. I am well aware that the producers of a show save money if there are endless conversations filmed in the same set/s and mostly indoors, since outdoor shots or changes of scenery cost a lot more money. Moreover, I know that it’s in the best interest of many people if these shows are renewed, so many of them give you the impression that they will go on forever. They have a «formula», and they can repeat this formula again and again.

«The Goodwife» does none of these things. First of all, it doesn’t feel «stretched» or repetitive. The conversations are truly interesting, new and different. I find myself yawning when watching some other shows, which has never happened to me watching this one. Secondly, there are plenty of different sets, not just the courthouse, the law offices, and the homes of the main characters. There are many outdoor scenes and places that only appear in a particular episode. And regarding the famous «formula» that has helped shows such as «Law & Order» last more than 20 years, not only does «The Goodwife» end after 7 seasons, but its main character (Alicia Florrick) truly grows and changes over the years. This is part of the fun of watching all 7 seasons, seeing Alicia’s character arc.

But there’s more! The secondary characters are hilarious, and it’s exciting to see them more than once. For example, the judges are so funny and quirky, it’s great when they appear again. The same with some of the lawyers that go up against the leading actors. Many of them are well-known, and are able to create truly memorable characters we are eager to see again.

Another reason I love «The Goodwife» is that many episodes deal with current situations many of us might be interested in, such as the creation of BITCOIN, or drones used by the military. It feels like this show is talking about the real world, and real problems we are facing today. And that is exciting.

But the main reason I am such a huge fan of this series is that nobody is 100% good nor 100% bad, things are never black or white. Lawyers and politicians on the show sometimes «bend the rules» to achieve their goals, and even though it may sometimes make us angry when they do that, it also makes us laugh at times and root or cheer for these characters when they get what they want. Real life is like that: some decisions are not easy to make, and when we see these fictional characters struggling to decide what’s right or wrong, we are reminded of our own struggles. These stories are thought-provoking and definitely worth watching. «The Goodwife» is truly GOOD.

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