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By Alejandra Zamora Aeberhard.

I recently discovered on Netflix what has quickly become one of my favourite shows ever. My boyfriend found this show about karate called «Cobra Kai» which was based on the classic movie «Karate Kid». It picks up 30 years after the movie, and follows the life of Daniel Larusso´s (the main character and boy who learns karate in «Karate Kid») nemesis, Johnny Lawrence. I initially didn´t even WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW!!!! But my boyfriend convinced me to, and boy, am I glad he did.

Johnny Lawrence is an endearing character. Seeing things from his point of view, you quickly discover how he´s a good guy who´s just made a bunch of mistakes over the years which is why his life is such a disaster.

Daniel Larusso, on the contrary, is represented as a man who has it all, but who has become something of a conceited jerk because of everything he has achieved.

The show follows both old nemesis´s lives, centering mainly on Johnny´s, who you will soon love as much as I, as well as a few high school kids who sign up to the dojo, because Johnny Lawrence decides to re-open the dojo «Cobra Kai», his old dojo where he learned karate back in the day.

There´s a whole lot of drama in this show, awesome karate fights, and even love stories! To sum up, it´s the perfect show. I don´t want to give too much away, so do yourself a favour and just check it out for yourself!

Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai! Cobra Kai!

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