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By Alejandra Zamora Aeberhard.

It´s that time of the year again where the Christmas tree goes up, the Christmas lights on the streets shine and the holiday cheer surrounds us. But this Christmas is not like any Christmas before…Welcome to our first Covid Christmas!

There are travel restrictions, so if you were planning a holiday getaway, that´s off the table now. If you usually travel to a different country for Christmas, or were planning to do so this year, sadly that´s not an option. If you wanted to go to a different city in Spain to visit friends, that´s impossible to do as well, so you might be feeling glum and not in the Christmas spirit.

I wish I could travel too, and visit friends, but we have to realize that health and safety are the most important things and that at a time like this we have to be careful and know that our health comes first. Hopefully by this time next year, we can be planning the last details on our holiday getaway or on all the friends we are going to visit.

But this Christmas, whether you are alone, or are able to be with family, decorate your apartment; put up a tree and have little Christmas decorations around the house. Make yourself a true, glorious Christmas feast. Bake some cookies or a cake and indulge in the treats!!!

Remember that this year has been unexpected and difficult for us all, but that things won´t always be like this; a new year is coming and new changes are coming too. So enjoy the last days of this difficult year, enjoy your Covid Christmas, and be bad and eat a lot of yummy food. Ho, ho, ho. Happy Christmas, everyone!

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